Tribute to Jeanne Lanvin ( Min USD 29 000, check OUIII)
Tribute to Jeanne Lanvin ( Min USD 29 000, check OUIII)

Tribute to Jeanne Lanvin ( Min USD 29 000, check OUIII)

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Tribute to Jeanne Lanvin
Press article : The depth of lacquer, Lignan Art publishing house, 2015
Artist - Alexandre Canton
Title - Hommage à Jeanne Lanvin
European Lacquer 
Sculpture 1 Size -  138 cm , 100 cm W, 100 cm D 
Sculpture 2 Size -  118 cm , 70 cm W, 80 cm D 
Single artwork
Date - June 2015
Catalogue - The Depth of Lacquer, Lignan Art Publishing House, 2015 
Condition - Good
Certificate of Authenticity by the Artist 
Window decor made for the Lanvin fashion house in 2015 on the occasion of their 125th anniversary. The motifs are similar to the lacquered screens designed by Armand Albert Rateau and made by Jean Dunand for Jeanne Lanvin's dining room. The decor is staged iconoclastically, in reference to the contemporary spirit of the house inspired by Albert Elbaz. It took two years of work between the beginning of the design of these pieces and their completion, the process of creating a Lacquer being very slow, making it a unique piece of exception.
Alexandre Canton
Graduate of the National School of Applied Arts and Crafts in 2013, Alexandre Canton has set his own path, bringing him a time to go through the world of costume and fashion.
This journey in the world of Crafts, he kept the sharp sense of detail and the love of rare and precious materials.
He founded in 2018 Pyrope Studio, his own agency of interior design based in Paris. Thought these projects for a private clientele, he draws on the classical repertoire to reinvent, from space to object, custom-made atmospheres.